Coplanar waveguide fed slot antenna

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In this project, a CPW (Coplanar Wave guide) fed slot antenna is designed for Wi-Max application at the frequency spectrum of 5.51 GHz. The proposed ... Coplanar Waveguide Fed Hexagonal Shaped Slot Antenna for ... I S S N 2 3 2 1 - 8 0 7 X V o l u m e 1 2 N u m b e r 2 2 J o u r n a l o f A d v a n c e s i n c h e m i s t r y 5392 | P a g e A COPLANAR WAVEGUIDE FED ULTRA WIDEBAND HEXAGONAL SLOT ... Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 39, 209{224, 2013 A COPLANAR WAVEGUIDE FED ULTRA WIDEBAND HEXAGONAL SLOT ANTENNA WITH DUAL BAND REJECTION

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Broadband Cpw Fed Slotted Ground Antenna - IOSR Journals shaped, square slot antenna, circular slot, bow-tie slot, and hybrid slot. In [1], a large bandwidth CPW-fed wide slot antenna is proposed. By choosing a suitable combination of feed patch and slot shape, and also tuning their sizes, an optimum operating bandwidth of 131% is obtained. In [2], novel broadband design of a coplanar waveguide (CPW ...

In-Line Series-Feed Collinear Slot Array Fed by a Coplanar

A stripline radiating element for use in a flat plate antenna array. The radiating element is comprised of a stripline sandwich including first and second stripline boards. A U-shaped slot is etched in the ground plane of the first … EUMA The antenna is fed through a coplanar waveguide to provide an ultra-wide impedance bandwidth of 8.95GHz (2.58?11.53GHz) which corresponds to a bandwidth ratio of 1:4.46 A CPW-Fed Novel Planar Ultra-Wideband Antenna with a Band-Notch A coplanar waveguide (CPW) fed novel planar ultra-wideband antenna with a band-notch characteristic is presented. The proposed antenna consists of a rectangular metal radiation patch and a tapered arc-shaped ground plane. International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Design Of Reconfigurable CPW-Fed Slot Antenna With Frequency Diversity: For Wireless (W-LAN and C-Band) applications [Jyotshna Pokharel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A novel Reconfigurable Coplanar waveguide (CPW) fed T- shaped patch Antenna with frequency diversity is designed and analyzed.

/ Design and simulation of broadband unidirectional CPW-fed rectangular slot antennas. IEEE 2007 International Symposium on Microwave, Antenna, Propagation and EMC Technologies for Wireless Communications, MAPE. 2006. pp. 632-635 COPLANAR WAVEGUIDE FED MULTI-SLOT ANTENNA A one-element bow-tie slot antenna fed by a 50 Ω coplanar waveguide is designed for the X-band operation. The measurements of this antenna show two operating bands centered at 8.3 and 11.7 GHz with bandwidths 18% and 17.4%, respectively. An array combination of two of these antennas fed by one CPW achieved 50% bandwidth from 8.7 to 14.5 GHz. Design of Compact Coplanar Waveguide Fed Slot Antenna for ...